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inspired by the rich culture of durban, south africa

My first memory of cooking was in my mother's kitchen. I was six years old, had a pink little rolling pin and helped my mother roll roti. She was always busy cooking for our family and the community, asking me to help her prepare the dish of the day. Through this persistant help, her recipes and way of spicing food just right, stuck with me throughout the years.

In the heart of KwaZulu Natal's Indian community I learned how to play with flavours to bring the taste of home with me wherever I might find myself in the world.

In 2013, I arrived in the Netherlands and quickly learned that the Dutch have their own unique flavour, but most people yearn for the Durban Indian cuisine with its exotic tastes. Cooking the Durban style curries for people of different cultures here in the Netherlands, inspired me to bring these tastes to you.

Ranging from vegan to non-vegan, every item is freshly made with love and care. I only use fresh ingredients in all my homemade delights.

Whether you are a South African expat, local or from any other culture, you will enjoy the taste of Durban, South Africa. So I invite you to try our curries and come enjoy some South African hospitality.

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